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Our most successful partnerships are with insurers who have four things in common:

  • An unwavering commitment to digital transformation

  • An open mind to innovation and taking calculated risks

  • A clear goal with a high level plan and the funding to get there

  • A dedicated team of passionate and cross functional collaborators

Our Goal: Helping you launch a successful connected insurance program in 12 weeks!

Count on Us for Results

Our relentless focus on delivering solutions that delight policyholders goes far beyond technology.  We've developed a very successful approach to guiding partners from thinking about connected insurance to actually offering it to their clients within just months.



 Step 1 - Discovery

30 minutes is all it takes

No connected insurance program is the same. The best solutions are designed to expand from existing capabilities, which our insurance partners have developed at great cost over time. A dedicated solutions specialist will quickly asses your needs while showcasing the many possibilities of our various solutions.

All that is needed from you:

  • 30 minutes of your time
  • A computer with internet access (so we can share our screen)
  • The right people on your end.

Following the discovery call, we will send you a connected insurance self-assessment survey that will pave the way for possible next steps.



 Step 2 - Workshop

Let's get to know each other

Once your self-assessment survey is completed, the next step is a 3-5 day on-site workshop. We'll use our expertise to discuss our previous successes to show you the art of what’s possible.  Workshops always begin by taking a deep dive into today's connected insurance landscape while gaining a deeper understanding of your overall objectives.

Together we’ll establish your goals, assess the local market potential, all the while aligning to a realistic tactical plan with clear roles and responsibilities.

Our goal - your success! We’ll guide you in selecting the right market approach, show you how to use your requirements to design the ultimate program, and position your product to create buzz and excite your customers to use the programs. 

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Step 3 - TestDrive

3-6 months building together

TestDrive is a 6-month trial where the pilot program is designed, tested and tweaked in accordance to the specifications set out in Phase 2 (the Workshop) to show you all the benefits of a connected insurance solution, delivered in real life.

You’ll have access to the latest version of the Baseline Command Center and the BaseDrive / BaseLife Mobile Applications. At the end of the TestDrive pilot, your key stakeholders should feel confident  that the product is right for the market and the business functions are ready for live deployment. 

Click below to obtain more detailed information about our Workshop to see if it is something that would be right for you.

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  Step 4 - Launch

The start of something great

The goal of a TestDrive is simple: launching a connected insurance program within 6 months. The moment-of-truth is when the product goes LIVE. Going LIVE is really as simple as publishing an iOS app to the App Store.

It begins with a renewable, 36-month Baseline program launch, where we work together to achieve the program goals established together in Phase 2 - The Workshop. We’ll leverage our experience in insurance and target operating models to ensure you achieve operational readiness, while providing a seamless and pleasant experience for your customers.



 Step 5 - Support

Success is a marathon, not a sprint 

Launching is just the beginning. The real work starts on the day your clients are migrating to your brand new connected insurance program. This phase is ongoing. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best support, 24/7! 

Our team is constantly there to help with:

  • 24/7 Security & Operations monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Level 2 chat and voice support to your customer agents
  • Service Level Agreement with 4 hour delivery guarantees
  • Access to our Baseline University, with online tutorials
  • Participation in our ongoing product road map priorities

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Step 6 - Growth

Success happens over time

When an organization decides to develop a connected insurance program, it's a sign that they have bold business objectives. After deciding on how they'll focus on making these changes, we quickly set our sights on customer success with the solution; looking for ways we can adapt and iterate the next phases of evolution to meet your needs. We undertake a rigorous Quarterly Business Review with our partners, setting out the top 5 goals for the next 90 days, at the same time measuring our success on the goals set out in the previous quarter. 



Seeing is Believing

Let us show you the power of our solutions, in action.

Simply fill in the form on the right and we'll send you more information about our solutions. Creating connected insurance programs has never been easier. We'd be delighted to share our experience with you.


  • 20 + connected insurance projects 
  • Millions of policyholders already connected
  • Insurance partners spanning the globe

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