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It's time to rethink what insurance is

Typically, insurance is something that reacts to something bad happening. Whether you're an insurer or consumer, insurance only tends to raise our interests when you have an accident, lose something, get robbed etc. But what if.. insurance could be about preventing the bad things from happening, what then?



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Most people tend to only think about insurance 7 minutes a year, if at all. Even then it's either when their premiums are due or they've just had an accident and need to make a claim. 

Typically when most people think of insurance, it's as a REACTIVE thing, only as a reaction to something bad happening such as an accident, disaster, death. When something goes bad, you call the insurance company. Insurance is a band-aid covering the wounds when they pop up.

Even when insurers think about insurance, it's all about what would happen if.. They're concerned about their possible profits after their claims are paid out (again, as a result of something happening, a reaction to an event).

So it seems, that for most people, insurance is something that only exists as a reaction to a bad event happening. And everyone's hopes, whether they're insurers or customers, is that they don't end up losing their shirts in the process.

But what if....


What if...  we could flip things 180 degrees? What if we could rethink what insurance is... and make insurance something that instead of just reacting to something bad, that it helped PREVENT those bad things from happening, that it was pro-active. What if insurance could somehow bring the risk down, bring down the risk of covering claims for insurers, bring down the risk of accidents happening, possibly even bring down premiums as a result for consumers?

What if insurance... helped prevent the bad things from happening? What if insurance....   helped make sure accidents didn't happen?  What if insurance... helped save lives? What if insurance helped drivers become safer drivers? What if this resulted in less accidents happening? What if insurers knew the real risk of covering a customer? What if insurers could base their premiums on real risk, making covering claims less of a gamble. 

Maybe it's time to rethink what insurance is all about!

That's what Baseline is all about, what insurance could be, not what it was. 

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