Red Coalition - Leveraging Resident to Combat Racial Discrimination

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In the heart of Montreal, Red Coalition stands as a beacon of hope and change, tirelessly working to eliminate racial profiling and systemic racism within Canada.

As the nation's only federally registered lobby group dedicated to this cause, their efforts resonate deeply, not only with the victims of these unjust practices but also with the broader community affected by them. Recognizing the need for a powerful tool to amplify their voice and mobilize support, Red Coalition has turned to Resident, a platform that is revolutionizing the way Canadians engage with democracy and each other.


Resident's capabilities extend far beyond mere communication; it's a platform where real change can begin. Here's how Red Coalition is leveraging Resident to champion the rights of Canadians:

Direct Dialogue for Effective Advocacy


Through Resident, Red Coalition can directly reach out to elected officials and government agencies, making their advocacy efforts more efficient and impactful. This direct line of communication ensures their message is heard loud and clear, pushing for the necessary policy changes to address racial profiling and systemic racism.

Mobilizing Community Support

One of Resident's most powerful features is its ability to rally community support. Red Coalition utilizes the platform to share their initiatives, gather public backing, and create a united front against racial discrimination. This collective voice amplifies their call for justice, making it impossible to ignore.

Educating and Raising Awareness


Knowledge is power, and Red Coalition is using Resident to spread awareness about the mental health and public health ramifications of racial discrimination. Through announcements and educational content, they are enlightening the public and fostering a more informed society ready to stand against racial injustice.

Building a Support Network

redcoalitionResident provides a space for individuals affected by racial profiling to find support, share their stories, and connect with others who have faced similar experiences. This sense of community is invaluable, offering strength and solidarity to those who need it most.

As Red Coalition continues its vital work, the importance of broad public support cannot be overstated. Each Canadian has a role to play in eradicating racial profiling and systemic racism, and Resident offers the perfect platform to make your voice heard. By creating a user account on Resident, you can follow Red Coalition's posts, learn about their ongoing efforts, and find out how you can contribute to this crucial cause.

Join in - Make a Difference

featureResidentAgenciesWe invite every Canadian who believes in justice, equality, and the power of collective action to join Resident and support Red Coalition.  See for yourself the initiatives Red Coalition is championing, offer your support, and become part of a community dedicated to creating a more equitable society.

We can all make a lasting impact and ensure that every traffic stop is safe, every policy is fair, and every Canadian, regardless of race or religion, is treated with the dignity and respect they not only deserve, but are entitled to.

Create your Resident account today, stand with Red Coalition, and help turn the tide against racial discrimination. Your voice matters.

Click here below to Create your Account and support Red Coalition, harnessing the power of unity and technology to fight against racial profiling and racism.


Your involvement could be the catalyst for change for good. Join Red Coalition and help them build a brighter, more just future for all Canadians.

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