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Paul-André Savoie, our CEO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Miguel Mamede as our new International Account Manager at Miguel will be responsible for further developing the European market as well as supporting our existing customers in the region.



Miguel-BlogPaul-André Savoie, our CEO, is  pleased to announce the appointment of Miguel Mamede as our new International Account Manager at Miguel will be responsible for further developing the European market as well as supporting our existing customers in the region. They can rest assured that Miguel will use his over 20 years of experience in the insurance and finance industries to deliver a consummate and professional customer experience.

“We’re pleased to welcome Miguel to our growing team at Since 2012 we’ve grown internationally without any employees or offices abroad.  Miguel’s experience, passion for what we do and his location in Europe will ensure better support to our growing client base in that region.” says Paul-André

“I see this new challenge at as an opportunity to contribute the skills and experience I’ve learned throughout my career to further develop this market. I want to help insurers realize the great benefits they can achieve aligning with, bringing them to places they’ve never expected to go before.” says Miguel.

Miguel is a true believer in that the future of insurance is connected. “I truly believe the rapid changes that the insurance industry is undergoing due to digital disruption, is a game-changer for everybody. Those who don’t adapt quickly, will wither away and die.  is the solution for insurers, helping them not only survive but succeed.” according to Miguel.

Miguel earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. He earned a MBA from Universidade Católica Portuguesa in 2004, while working as a Product Manager at Crédito Agrícola Seguros, a startup insurance company that he helped launch. Miguel believes that working in a smaller company such as Crédito Agrícola Seguros was what helped him develop end-to-end skills that have served him well working within the insurance industry.

In 2008 Miguel decided to deepen his knowledge in distribution and marketing by pursuing his higher education at Harvard Business School.

Wanting to further grow and learn, he next joined the team at multinational insurer AXA. Over the next decade, starting in the technical and product department, he worked his way up to managing the SME’s segment development team, earning recognition internationally with the SME business awards. From there he moved upwards within AXA to lead the Lisbon branch that had the AXA store and the non-tied agents under his responsibility. After 2 years, Miguel was asked to refocus his efforts on helping the company turnaround team by becoming the transformation leader in charge of distribution and marketing streams.

In short time, he was offered the challenge of leading the development of the insurance business of an internet startup company, ComparaJá.pt he jumped on it. The opportunity to do work within the digital channel was too enticing for him not to take it. It was a more hands-on experience allowing him to learn the ropes of the online business and to drastically grow his industry contacts.

When the opportunity at opened, he knew that this challenge was the opportunity for him to give back everything that he had learned in both his commercial and non-commercial travels. He knew he could use this experience and know-how to help build a strong and solid company into something even better.

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A picture of our CEO Paul-André, Mélanie Tremblay (our Operations Director) and Miguel Mamede during a recent client visit in Paris.

Paul-André concluded by saying “We’re ecstatic to have Miguel, such a renowned industry executive join our team at His two decades of international banking and insurance experience will significantly support’s expansion projects through the European market. After spending a week with him visiting some esteemed clients in Paris, I’m convinced that he’s a perfect fit for our team, I look forward to a long and successful future working with Miguel” says Paul-André.

Miguel is looking forward to hear from his friends in the industry to see how they can once again collaborate together to develop innovative insurance programs.  He can be contacted at or feel free to add him on LinkedIn.

At, we’re looking forwards to a bright future thanks to Miguel and the rest of our amazing team. Think you got what it takes? Visit our careers page to see how you can join us.

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