Democracy, Really ?

Democratic First Aid - Social media isn't the place for constructive, democratic dialogue.

Inside Baseline: A bold push across Europe

Paul-André Savoie, our CEO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Miguel Mamede as our new International Account Manager at Miguel...

Baseline acquires Operasoft

We are pleased to announce that as of August 31, 2018, Baseline Telematics inc. has acquired Operasoft Inc. This transaction therefore has no...

An remedy to our growing pains is proud to announce the nomination of Melanie Tremblay as our new of Director of Operations. Her global experience in Medtech mission...

The path to perfection is reflection

Every now and then, Baseline takes a Team-Building Day so our employees can become better co-workers, work on those relationships and to relax and...

Please don't call us that!

When customers talk about Baseline, we're usually referred to as "those GPS guys" but in truth, we're something much different.

Democracy isn't a spectator sport

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