Driving change.

Connecting communities.

Our public sector solutions empower municipal, provincial and federal governments to deliver better outcomes to all Canadians by providing the technology and support required to do so.


The best run governments are citizen-centric

Resident, represents redefining the relationship between the public, media and our governments. By leveraging technology to enhance civic engagement, we're creating a more informed, respectful, and participatory democratic society in Canada.


Democracy on demand

A free solution for all Canadians in need of services or information from their municipal, provincial or federal government.


Constituent communications

Powerful tools for our provincial and federal elected officials to engage with, respond to and easily escalate their constituents requests.


An innovative Social-helpdesk

Helping public facing municipal service personnel read, respond and resolve incoming requests from their residents.


Ministry & Agency Support

Facilitating communications, engagement and problem resolutions for Canadians by their provincial and federal governments, ministries and agencies.


Connected Communities Care

Helping cities support pre-hospital emergency care by connecting volunteers with those in need, making communities safer and more resilient.


Ai powered road safety

Winter public road maintenance is highly complex, expensive and risky. Snowman Ai if offered all of municipal our Citycare customers.



Developing usage based insurance programs appreciated by policyholders across the globe with insurers and reinsurers since 2012.


Mission Critical Operations

Keeping Canadian airports running smoothly since 2015 by facilitating communications and workload assignment between air traffic controllers and operational ground crews.


Dispatch & Fleet Ops

Helping Canadian service companies manage their operations with real-time tracking, scheduling, and analytics to boost efficiency and productivity since 2010.


Delivering rapidly evolving mission critical solutions to municipal, provincial and federal governments required the highest levels of availability, security, scalability and maintainability.


After analyzing every major Cloud service partner, it became obvious that Google Cloud was the best platform to build from due it it's easy to implement, cost effective and data soverency compliant solutions.


We were able to evolve our backend from a monolithic, dedicated server architected and outdated code base over to a 100% serverless, infinitely auto-scalable on-demand cloud function platform within 18 months. 


Traditional lenders aren't always capable of providing the financial support often needed by innovative technology based trail blazers seeking to create new solutions to complex problems.


BDC looked further ahead than traditional lenders could and provided the financing required to modernize our technology and enhance it with new features and capabilities.


We were able to undertake a long term transformative project which has positioned our company at the forefront of a groundbreaking and revolutionary new paradigm for all Canadians.


The need to comply with Ontario's Minimum Road Maintenance Standards is paramount to providing great service while avoiding liability for errors & omissions.


The implementation of Snowman Ai provides real-time situational awareness for managers while guiding vehicle operators towards the best course of action at all times.


Proactive planning, real time work optimization, and powerful analytics tools mobilize and incredibly powerful workforce towards safer roads.


What our customers say

“Thanks to Snowman for the last 7 years, our snow removal and road maintenance teams have been able to meet and exceed Ontario's minimum maintenance standards with great ease.”

“26 million passengers per year rely on us to ensure their safe travel regardless of the weather. Snowman, a reliable and essential tool, has allowed us to efficiently manage snow removal events at Montreal Airport since 2016."

“By subsidizing Snowman for more than a hundred Canadian municipalities that we insure, they've improved their risk management, and in many cases, have avoided very complex and expensive claims and lawsuits.”


Democracy isn't a spectator sport


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You've got questions?

We've got answers

What services does your company offer ?

We're a pretty diversified Software-as-a-Service technology company having built and deployed a vast range of solutions both our private and public sector customers appreciate and have come to rely on. 

Our core operations specialize in innovative digital solutions for civic engagement and operational efficiency, offering platforms like Resident, Citycare, Snowman, and Opera to municipalities, elected officials, and public sector agencies. Our services are designed to improve communication, streamline service delivery, and enhance the management of municipal operations and fleet activities.

How do you manage my privacy ?

Safeguarding your information and ensuring your privacy is our top priority.

We've implemented several key measures to ensure your personal information is protected and managed responsibly:

1. Data Encryption: All data transmitted to and from Resident is encrypted using industry-standard protocols, ensuring that your personal information is secure during transmission and storage.

2. Compliance with Privacy Laws: We adhere to all applicable Canadian privacy laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), guaranteeing that our practices meet national standards for data protection.

3. Strict Access Controls: Access to personal information is strictly limited to authorized personnel who need it to perform their job functions. We enforce rigorous access controls and regular audits to prevent unauthorized access.

4. Data Minimization: We collect only the information necessary to provide our services effectively, ensuring that any data collected is relevant and limited to what is needed.

5. Transparency: Our privacy policy clearly outlines how we collect, use, and share your information, providing you with a clear understanding of our data practices.

6. User Control: We offer tools and settings that allow you to control your privacy preferences, manage your data, and understand how your information is used.

7. Regular audits: Our security practices are regularly reviewed and updated to respond to new threats and ensure compliance with the latest privacy standards and best practices.

By implementing these steps, we aim to maintain a secure and trustworthy platform where your privacy is respected and protected.

How can your solutions benefit my organisation ?

Our solutions help improve efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness in government operations and services.

By facilitating direct communication between constituents and their governments and optimizing operational tasks and fleet management, our platforms support a more engaged community and a streamlined public sector.

We also offer these similar capabilities to private sector companies as well. You can find out more by reading about our program specific pages found on this website.

How are you different from other tech companies ?

We stand out from others mainly due to our deep commitment to enhancing civic engagement and operational efficiency through cutting-edge technology.

Our platforms are tailored to meet the specific needs of private and public public sector organizations, offering user-friendly, customizable, and integrated solutions that drive meaningful quality of live and operational improvements.

Can you customize your solutions to specific needs ?

Yes, our solutions are highly customizable, evolve quickly and designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by various sectors within the private and public domain.

We collaborate closely with our clients to see in which ways we need to develop our platforms to better meet their needs, ensuring our product roadmap aligns with specific operational goals and community engagement strategies we're asked to help with.

What are your levels of support ?

Powerful and comprehensive customer support tools and systems are built right into all of our products.  They allow users to request and coordinate initial setup assistance, ongoing technical support, and customized training programs.

As well, our clients have direct access to our product roadmap and their feedback allows our product team managers to quickly integrate their needs into our future releases.

Our dedicated team ensures that clients fully leverage the capabilities of our platforms for maximum benefit.

Can I integrate your solutions to our existing operations software ?

Absolutely. All of our capabilities are available for easy integration via a robust API framework.

Our team of Technical Account Managers is always there to help our clients through seamless integration between our platforms with their existing systems and workflows.

We offer guidance throughout the implementation process to minimize disruption and maximize compatibility with your operational infrastructure.

Are your solutions scalable for organisations of all sized ?

Absolutely, our platforms are designed with scalability in mind, suitable for small companies and local governments as well as multinational organisations and large federal agencies.

We offer flexible solutions that can adapt and scale according to your evolving needs and objectives.

How do you stay ahead of technology changes ?

We maintain a commitment to innovation by continuously exploring new technologies and approaches that can enhance civic engagement and operational efficiency.

Feedback from clients and partnerships with industry experts fuel our research and development efforts, ensuring our solutions lead the market.

Democracy isn't a spectator sport

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