Connected community care.

911 dispatchers mobilize the closest, most qualified volunteer first responders to provide immediate life-saving care until paramedics arrive..


Mobilize your community's Superhero's

Unleash the power of your community with Resident Responder, where everyday heroes come together to provide life-saving assistance in moments of need.

Join us in transforming the way we respond to emergencies.


Volunteer management

Volunteers, including off-duty medical professionals, certified first aid responders, and trained civilians, can register to become Resident Responders through Resident.


911 Integration

When a medical emergency call is received, dispatchers assess the situation and determine if a volunteer responder could assist until professional emergency services arrive..


Responder alert

The nearest available Resident Responder is alerted with information regarding the nature and location of the emergency. They can choose to accept or decline based on their availability and comfort with the situation.


Training & support

In collaboration with St John ambulance, volunteers would receive first aid training, access to materials, guidelines, and resources to help them stay updated on the best practices in emergency first aid.



Live audio / video can be initiated by a Resident Responder and a the paramedics who are on route allowing for the first responder to receive guidance while they are on their way.



Responders are navigated to the emergency using the app while communicating with the dispatcher who has their live location while on route. They can also be patched in to the on route EMS for support.


Safety & Security

To assure the safety and security of Resident Responders and the victims they are assisting, real-time location tracking, and recorded live video calls with dispatchers and on route EMS.


Protocols & Guidelines

Easy access to standardized emergency response protocols, legal guidelines, and best practices to ensure compliance and effective response strategies are built-in.


66% of Canadians enjoy helping their neighbours

  • Volunteering

  • Healthcare System

  • Government

  • Improved Outcomes

96% of volunteers reported the action enriched their sense of purpose in life.

Encouraging community volunteering fosters a stronger, more connected society. Promoting civic engagement enhances community resilience, ensures faster emergency response times, and builds a network of ready-to-help neighbors. Transforming bystanders not only saves lives but also strengthens communal bonds, making our neighborhoods safer and more vibrant.

8 out of 10 municipalities are unable to meet pre-hospital care standards

Mobilizing our willing and able first aid volunteers can drastically help our communities not only meet but exceed pre-hospital care expectations.  By enhancing immediate care capabilities in communities, we're bridging critical gaps in emergency response.

Volunteers are worth over $40 per hour, at no cost.

Ensuring our safety and security is our government's most important roles. Responder allows governments to help their constituents help themselves, in a collective approach by leveraging the power of community volunteers, providing rapid, life-saving interventions to improve the quality and efficiency of emergency care, at a fraction of the cost.

300% improvement of survival rates

With studies showing that immediate first aid can double or even triple a cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival, Resident Responder is a a revolution in emergency medical care whose time has come. By mobilizing trained volunteers within minutes of an emergency, Responder significantly shortens the response time, providing critical interventions before professional medical services arrive.  With Responder, communities are not just safer; they are empowered to become active participants in lifesaving efforts, truly embodying the concept of neighbors helping neighbors.


You've got Questions? we've got answers.

What is Resident Responder?

It's a pioneering program designed to augment emergency medical services by mobilizing trained community volunteers to provide immediate, life-saving assistance in critical situations.

Built into the Resident app, Responder connects individuals in need with nearby volunteers equipped with the skills and knowledge to administer first aid until professional help arrives, effectively bridging the gap in emergency response times and enhancing community safety.

How are legal and ethical issues managed ?

Legal and ethical concerns are something we take seriously.  A comprehensive framework has been established which prioritizes compliance with legal standards and ethical practices in emergency care. This includes:

  1. Training and Certification: Ensuring all volunteers receive proper training and certification, adhering to national and local standards for emergency medical response, to minimize risks and uphold the quality of care.

  2. Legal Compliance: Staying updated with and strictly adhering to relevant healthcare regulations, privacy laws, and volunteer protection acts to ensure the program operates within legal boundaries.

  3. Ethical Guidelines: Implementing ethical guidelines that address confidentiality, consent, and the right to receive or decline assistance, ensuring respect for the dignity and rights of those being helped.

  4. Insurance and Liability: Securing appropriate insurance coverage for volunteers to protect against liability and provide peace of mind, encouraging wider community participation.

  5. Continuous Oversight: Establishing an oversight committee to monitor practices, address any ethical concerns, and ensure continuous improvement in response to evolving legal and ethical standards.

By proactively addressing these areas, we aim to maintain the highest standards of legal and ethical responsibility, ensuring the safety, privacy, and well-being of both volunteers and those they assist.

How is privacy managed ?

User privacy is at the forefront of our concerns.  We managed it through stringent data protection policies, compliance with local and international privacy laws (such as GDPR in Europe and PIPEDA in Canada), and the use of advanced encryption technologies.

Personal information collected from users, including their location, is used solely for the purpose of facilitating emergency response and is not shared with third parties without explicit consent.

The program also employs regular security audits and updates to safeguard user data against unauthorized access or breaches.

Users are informed about how their data will be used and have control over their privacy settings, ensuring transparency and trust in the Responder program's commitment to privacy and data protection.

Who pays for this program ?

The funding for the Resident Responder program comes from a monthly software subscription to our Citycare solution, sold to municipal governments across Canada.

Given that many rural municipalities don't have the budgets for this life saving program, we help them establish funding mix of sources, including government grants, partnerships with healthcare organizations, community fundraising efforts, corporate sponsorships, grants and even private donations.

In some instances, collaborations with local emergency services and non-profit organizations may also provide financial or in-kind support, ensuring that volunteers have the necessary training and resources to provide critical first aid in their communities.

Are you looking for partners?

Yes, we're always actively seeking partnerships with non-profit organizations, local government bodies, healthcare providers, and community groups to expand our reach and enhance the program's effectiveness.

These collaborations provide valuable resources, expertise, and support, helping to train more volunteers, improve the program's reach, and raise public awareness.

If you're interested in helping us, simply start a chat directly on this website and one of our representatives will explore the partnership opportunity for you to join us in our mission to strengthen community-based emergency response.

Does this work in remote areas?

Yes, in fact it works extremely well in remote / rural areas, recognizing the unique challenges these locations face in accessing timely emergency services.

By leveraging local volunteers who are trained and ready to provide first aid, the program ensures that even communities far from urban centers have a network of responders available in case of emergencies.

The use of technology, such as real time user and victim location facilitates the coordination and mobilization of these volunteers, aiming to improve response times and medical outcomes across diverse geographic settings

How can I become a Resident Responder ?

You simply need to create your Resident user at

Following registration, contact our customer support and request to join.  You may be required to attend a verification session and confirm your medical first aid training to ensure you meet the program's standards for emergency response.

Once verified, you'll become part of a community-driven network ready to offer critical assistance in emergencies, making a significant difference in the lives of those around you.

How can I help bring Resident Responder to where I live?

If Resident Responder is not yet available in your area, you can help bring it to your community by expressing your interest directly to your Elected Officials by posting a Request to on

Also consider reaching out to local emergency services and healthcare organizations to raise awareness about the benefits of the Responder program.

Advocating for the program, sharing information on social media, and mobilizing community support can also play a crucial role in demonstrating the demand and potential impact of Resident Responder in your area, encouraging its expansion to new locations.


In a remote regions, emergency medical services are unable to reach victims in acceptable time frames, leaving them at risk during critical medical emergencies


Resident is implemented and operational across Canada, available to add citizens wishing to sign-up as Resident Responders, available to assist where and when needed.


Tens of thousands of Canadians can instantly be mobilized by emergency dispatchers to help their neighbours in times of need while paramedics are en route.

Interested in saving lives ?