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Democracy, Really ?

Democratic First Aid - Social media isn't the place for constructive, democratic dialogue.


Connected Community Care

Resident Responder - Supporting pre-hospital emergency care by connecting volunteers with those in need, making communities safer and more resilient


Democracy is not a spectator sport

Discover how Resident revolutionizes democracy by enhancing communication between citizens, officials, and governments. Get involved!

Inside Baseline: A bold push across Europe

Paul-André Savoie, our CEO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Miguel Mamede as our new International Account Manager at Miguel...

Baseline acquires Operasoft

We are pleased to announce that as of August 31, 2018, Baseline Telematics inc. has acquired Operasoft Inc. This transaction therefore has no...

fleet insurance

Why do Insurers need Usage-Based Insurance?

If you're interested in doing usage-based insurance (or ubi) ,one really effective way is to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Insurers get to gather enriched...

An remedy to our growing pains is proud to announce the nomination of Melanie Tremblay as our new of Director of Operations. Her global experience in Medtech mission...

fleet insurance

Self-driving vehicles: The Impact on Insurance

By 2050, self-driving (or autonomous) vehicles will become the majority of vehicles on our roads & highways. Amongst the many things that this will...

car insurance

Why do car Insurance like your Grampa did?

With the advent of telematics and companies like Baseline, you no longer have to get car insurance like your grampa did. You now have the option of...

car insurance

Why does my sister pay less for car insurance?

It has to be asked, why do women pay less for car insurance? It just doesn't seem to make sense. You always hear these jokes about women drivers, but...

fleet insurance

Fleet Insurance can be frustrating in Quebec

If you own a Fleet in Quebec, chances are that it's incredibly tough to get insurance for your fleet these days. If you're lucky, you'll end up...

car insurance

The madness of One-Size-Fits-All Car Insurance

Typical car insurance is based on ancient statistical driving data that has very little to do with how you drive. Why would you want to pay your...

The path to perfection is reflection

Every now and then, Baseline takes a Team-Building Day so our employees can become better co-workers, work on those relationships and to relax and...

Please don't call us that!

When customers talk about Baseline, we're usually referred to as "those GPS guys" but in truth, we're something much different.

car insurance

It's time to rethink what insurance is

Typically, insurance is something that reacts to something bad happening. Whether you're an insurer or consumer, insurance only tends to raise our...

car insurance

Is Car Insurance Sexy?

Is car insurance sexy? The expected answer is of course NO! NO! NO! But then, maybe it can be!

fleet insurance

Can Truck Drivers Control their T.C.O?

When considering the Total Cost of Ownership of a truck, there are many different factors to consider. One thing few people consider is truck...

Democracy isn't a spectator sport

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